Airite Canopies was established in 1973 by the well-known businessman Ertjies Erdmannsky. The firm is currently managed  by his daughters Anke and Silke as well as Johann Haensel.

We provide service to all car dealers and most importantly, directly to the public. The following canopies are available for all makes of bakkies

  • Fibreglass canopies - different shapes and heights,
  • Various aluminium canopies – build according to the clients specifications
  • Accessories, bullbars. rollbars, and
  • High volume transport canopies also known as Space Saver Canopies

We also stock various spares and accessories for canopies such as various roof racks, stoplights, vents, sliding windows, bullbars, rollbars,towbars, bakkie mats, bakkie liners, running boards and camping equipment which can be installed in their workshop.

  • Various locks and locking systems
  • These include the pressure locks currently used on all aluminium canopies
  • Hinges
  • Not only for the canopies, but various other uses


  • Reinforced rubbers
  • Normal self adhesive rubbers
  • U rubbers
  • D rubbers
  • Specialized rubbers for all kind of uses

Our latest addition

  • Grommets and ferrules
  • Various shapes and sizes

Hockey Equipment

  • All ADIDAS Turf shoes and sticks available here
  • If needed we can get the goal keepers kit of your choice as well
  • Playing kit designed to your specifications can be done as well
  • MALIK sticks and accessories available as well

Airite Canopies recently invested in a new line of business, fibreglass manufacturing. With our new equipment we will be able to manufacture any fibreglass products, i.e. wind scoops. boats, chairs, wheel arches, spoilers, small houses, toilets, and repair any fibreglass product.

We personally guarantee customer satisfaction with the professional advice and quality products they provide.



team member one

Anke Erdmannsky

Chief Operating Officer

team member two

Silke Pennefeather

Chief Operating Officer

team member three

Johann Haensel

Chief Operating Officer